FBMUD 151 – Facility Preparation for Winter Weather

Dec 19, 2022See All Posts

As Firethorne residents know, Inframark is the operator for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 151 (FBCMUD 151) and manages the water facilities for the District. They perform precautionary maintenance and winterization on the facilities in case of severe weather events in the wintertime.

Here is the information they provided to promote customer confidence and comfort regarding their processes and the steps they have taken in advance of winter weather as we head into the Christmas weekend.


Inframark prepares for the possibility of a hard freeze in the fall with Freeze Protection Audits. We look at the most vulnerable components of the system: all valves, sensor lines, chemical feed solution lines, backflow preventers and small diameter water lines. Elevated exposed lines, where air can circulate over and around them are especially vulnerable. These are just some, but, not all, of the components inspected. We note on an audit form the status of all applicable components, the condition of protective wrapping from the previous year and what needs to be repaired or replaced noting any additional valves or exposed piping that has been installed since the last audit. The form is signed by the operator and double checked by a manager or assistant manager.

The audits are then reviewed, and materials ordered to repair, replace, or install new protection. Since water and wastewater facilities may differ from site to site, we use a diverse arsenal of freeze protection techniques for each facility depending on what is needed. Fiberglass batts and industrial thickness plastic and vinyl tape are keys to winterizing. We also utilize, when necessary, a variety of other freeze fighting weapons such as spray foam insulation, heat tape, heat lamps and portable heaters. After all repairs and new insulation work has been completed, another inspection is performed to confirm that all components exposed to the elements are ready for a hard freeze.


The following items are just some of the components wrapped and insulated:

  • Above ground valves
  • Sensor lines
  • Sight glasses for hydropneumatic tanks
  • Backflow preventers
  • Blow off valves
  • Chemical feed lines
  • Drip oilers for wells
  • All exposed water lines
  • Heaters in exposed control rooms and cabinets

Our goal for completing our winterization process is October. By that time, all items subject to freezing are wrapped and insulated. The Operator has completed a freeze protection audit providing it to their manager. The manager and operator have walked the site together confirming nothing has been missed.

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