Santa Tours in Firethorne

Nov 28, 2022See All Posts

2022 Katy Fire Department Santa Tours officially begin TONIGHT! Firethorne is their first stop of the season, but it will take two whole nights to cover our vast neighborhood! You can see the routes for both nights below. Listen for the Sirens and Sleigh Bells as we enter each section of the neighborhood starting just after 6:00 pm.

Non-Perishable food and unwrapped toy donations will be collected by the vehicle driving behind Santa! In order to include as many people as possible, we are asking that anyone who has food donations or presents for the toy drive to meet our Santa's helpers at the edge of the street and be ready to load up our helpers. If your neighbors are out and have items, please say hello and coordinate with anybody nearby on your street so that we can be efficient with the stops we make. They are doing our best to make it through the whole route between 6pm - 8pm but as many of you know, Firethorne generosity is legendary, and we don't want to keep the kiddos at the end of the route up too late.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight! Ho Ho Ho!