FBCMUD 151 – Alligator Sighting in District Ponds

May 12, 2022See All Posts

On May 10, 2022, Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 151 (the “District”) received a report from a resident of an approximately 6’ alligator sighting in Lake Firethorne (lake adjacent to HOA office).

The District has confirmed additional alligator sightings in Lake Firethorne and the northernmost pond on the East side of FM 1463. The District is not taking any action to remove the alligator(s) at this time, but urges residents to report any additional alligator sightings through the District’s contact form on its website, www.fbcmud151.com/contact.

People and pets should keep a safe distance from alligators. In addition, children and pets should be closely supervised around all detention ponds and lakes within the District. The District would like to remind residents to treat all wildlife with respect. Feeding, harassing, injuring, or removing wildlife, including alligators, is against the law.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t kill, harass, molest or try to move alligators. A provoked alligator is likely to bite.

Don’t feed or entice alligators. When fed, alligators overcome their natural shyness and become accustomed or attracted to humans.

Do tell others that feeding alligators creates problems for those who want to use the water for recreation.

Don’t remove an alligator from its natural habitat or accept one as a pet. It is a violation of state law to do so. You cannot tame an alligator, and even small ones may bite. In particular, never go near baby alligators or pick them up. They may seem cute and harmless, but mama alligator is nearby, and will protect her clutch.

Keep alligators a safe distance (at least 30 feet) from you.

For more information please visit https://tpwd.texas.gov/