Firethorne Resident Update: How to Detect Water Leaks

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Firethorne residents should be familiar with their smart meters and signed up for EyeOnWater via the web and mobile apps. If not, be sure to read the article we posted in August regarding registering a smart meter.

One of the major contributing factors to higher than anticipated water bills is undetected leaks. According to the EPA, 10% of homes have undetected leaks that waste 90 gallons or more of water per day. Fortunately, Firethorne residents have an advantage with the new meters and the ability for early leak detection. A leak alert notification can help residents save water by advising them when to investigate possible water leaks.

If residents have not done so already, take a look at the video and instructions on how to “Set Up a Leak Alert” to help monitor for extraneous water usage.

Additionally, through the EyeOnWater website or mobile app, residents can utilize the tools available to:

  • View water usage
  • Set up Leak Alerts
  • Download water use history
  • Compare water use to weather conditions

Getting started with the Eye on Water site or app is easy and the best way to take charge of home water usage. Join other Firethorne neighbors and the District’s efforts to conserve water by making use of installed smart meters and their connected functions. For more information or to begin, click here.

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