FBCMUD 151 Residents: Facebook Posts Related to “Water Quality”

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Social media, in general, is a good way to stay connected with neighbors and friends; however, when it comes to posts that purport to be putting out news or official information, it is important to verify accuracy of the information and sources in order to prevent the spreading of potential misinformation. Often content on social media is driven by private, for-profit or activist groups, and is sometimes shared as a means of promoting certain products for sale, such as special filtration systems and other products that purport to improve water quality.

Public drinking water in the State of Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Fort Bend County MUD 151, in conjunction with their operator Inframark, tests the water regularly in the Firethorne infrastructure for all manner of contaminants as prescribed by the TCEQ. You can find the TCEQ list of testing and limits for FBCMUD 151 here. You can further find the water quality report for FBCMUD 151 on the website Documents page.

FBCMUD 151 and Inframark would like to reiterate that the District’s water is in compliance with all TCEQ and EPA Public Drinking Water regulations.

For more information about water quality, or other operational matters, you can reach out to the District’s Board of Directors and the operator via the website Contact Us page.

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