Have You Registered Your Smart Meter?

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It may be Fall, but the weather remains hot enough to scorch grass and keep pools warm here in Texas. Firethorne Residents can keep their water expenses down using the District’s smart meters.

These meters automatically track water usage and interact with the Eye on Water website and mobile app. The site and app help consumers know just how much water they’re using and quickly identify water leaks and other usage spikes.

Getting started with the Eye on Water site or app is convenient, especially when you follow these easy tips:

  1. Click on the Smart Meters link here: https://fbcmud151.com/smart-meter
  2. Review the videos accessible through the orange buttons at the bottom of the page.
  3. Download the EyeOnWater app and register through the website using the instructions provided in the videos.

Once residents register for the service, make certain to set up a leak alert. Leak alerts will help you identify when water consumption rises dramatically. A leak alert notification can help residents save water by advising the resident when some extra investigation into possible water leaks is in order. This can help residents save money on their water bills by initiating less expensive fixes like fixing dripping faucets, always-on commodes or adjusting the autofill settings on pools.

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