District Update: Katy Fire Department Provides ISO 1 Insurance Letter

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Residents of Firethorne were notified in April 2019 that the City of Katy Fire Department had obtained an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of 1/1X, which goes into effect October 1, 2019. The entire press release from Katy Fire Department related to the announcement and award can be [found here](/assets/City of Katy Fire Deparment ISO Rating_Official Press Release.pdf). Later this summer, the Texas State Fire Marshal and ISO officials plan to attend a Katy City Council meeting to make a presentation to the Katy Fire Department command staff.

The City of Katy provided the District a letter from the State Fire Marshal’s Office approving the ISO 1 rating for Firethorne, so that residents who wish to notify their home insurance company and inquire about any potential benefits provider may offer may do so. Local business owners may also wish to provide their insurance companies with the letter to inquire about possible available discounts, if any, to their commercial rates.

ISO OPA letter

Please note that the District can only provide the approval letter from the State Fire Marshal’s Office for residents who wish to inquire about possible benefits or discounts that may be offered by various providers to customers who can supply them with the information provided in the ISO 1 rating approval letter, but that the District can make no representations regarding the plans offered by various providers or the terms thereof. Residents will need to speak with their providers for more information regarding their individual plans and what benefits or discounts, if any, may be available.

For further information on the ISO rating or how this rating was achieved in FB MUD 151, please reach out to the Board via the District website Contact Us form.

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