New Faces Taking Care of Our Green Places

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District beautification and maintenance of the greenspace around Firethorne is a priority of the FBCMUD 151 Board of Directors. Historically, the Firethorne HOA owned the master landscape agreement for all of Firethorne, including the MUD-owned property. To facilitate this contract handling, FBCMUD 151 paid Firethorne HOA directly for the district’s portion of the master agreement.

In late 2018, the FBCMUD 151 board decided to conduct a RFP process for management of all district-owned property, and after reviewing six proposals the district awarded the contract to the company they felt would be best for their needs and reduce the overall cost of maintaining the district-owned spaces.

Effective February 1st, 2019, the FBCMUD 151 managed areas throughout the neighborhood are now maintained by Terry’s Landscape, a highly-recommended local company with a number of large district beautification projects under their belt.

Terry’s Landscape is a Katy, TX company that has worked on such projects as Interstate MUD, Typhoon Texas, and more. You will see their crews in the neighborhood on a regular maintenance schedule, so be sure to give them a wave for all they are doing for Firethorne!

This change from the previous maintenance contracts brings a number of benefits to the residents of Firethorne, including a more efficient and streamlined method of communication between the board and Terry’s Landscape; additionally, utilizing a local company with ties to the community and close at hand to respond to requests is intended to reduce overall maintenance costs to the district.

As always, Firethorne residents are encouraged to reach out to the FBCMUD 151 if there is any concern with the district facilities or park areas. Further, if you want to reach out and compliment the new team on a job well done, we want to hear that as well!

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