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Fort Bend EMS to add 15th Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) to area response plan

The FBC MUD 151 Board of Directors had a chance recently to hear from Chief Graig Temple of Fort Bend Emergency Medical Services (FB EMS) about FB EMS’s goal of increasing the FB EMS fleet to greater support the Firethorne area.

In working with Commissioner Meyers’ office the last year, FB EMS pitched the idea of adding the 15th MICU to northern Fort Bend County. This plan was supported by Fort Bend Emergency Services District No. 2 (Willowfork FD), and will result in a new ambulance and staff to be housed at the new Willowfork FD Fire Station #3 located at 2700 Spring Green Blvd, Chief Temple stated.

According to Chief Temple, as a part of this goal, FB EMS was able to secure funding for the MICU, and trained personnel to staff it, in the budget for FY 2019, which started October 1, 2018. With a projected start date of January 1, 2019, Chief Temple advised FB EMS will have enough time to hire the appropriate staff and enroll them in the FB EMS Academy prior to deployment.

The Board of Directors for FBC MUD 151 hosted Asst. Chief Brian Petrilla of FB EMS at the special meeting at the Firethorne Community Clubhouse on October 9th, 2018, to answer additional questions and discuss the details of this plan with the community. Fielding questions about FB EMS response times and current ambulance deployment locations, Asst. Chief Petrilla explained this addition will lower response times to Firethorne by adding a nearby stationed MICU and trained staff to the two currently covering the area. He also noted the benefits to the community of having Katy FD personnel stationed at Firethorne Station No. 3, as Katy FD also staffs paramedics that can administer advanced life support (ALS) rapid response, which assists in stabilizing patients for the hand-off to FB EMS to transport to area hospitals. Asst. Chief Kenneth Parker (Katy FD) was present as well and praised the great working relationship FB EMS and Katy FD have fostered in working together to protect the community of Firethorne.

If you have any other questions about this or anything else related to FBC MUD 151, please feel free to contact us through the District website contact page.