Intelligent water usage

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FB MUD 151 has completed smart meter installation in Firethorne with the assistance of Inframark, the operator for the district.

Smart meters are a valuable upgrade to the infrastructure of the district, both for residents and district operations.


  1. What is a smart meter?
    A smart meter is an electronic, digital meter that replaces older mechanical meters to measure water usage at the home. The added benefits include mobile and web app integration, leak alerts, and high-usage alerts. Older, mechanical meters have a tendency to wear out and can face issues after 1M gallons, and smart meters help address this problem.

    eye on water interface on mobile devices

  2. How do I sign up for my smart meter account?
    Your account through Inframark will not change. However, for web or mobile access to your meter, you can download the EyeonWater app from the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android, or navigate to the EyeonWater website to register.

    1. Visit on your computer using a supported web browser.
    2. Click on the Create Account link.
    3. Enter your service area zip code: 77494
    4. Select: Fort Bend MUD No. 151
    5. Enter your billing account number: 15 digits, it appears in upper right of water bill
    6. Enter your name and email address.
    7. Create and confirm a password.
    8. You will get a confirmation email from BEACON. You must verify your email address by clicking on this link. Once you do, you can sign in using your email and password.
  3. How do smart meters save residents and the District money?
    Having a smart meter allows for up to the hour (and in some cases, faster) reading to the app, providing leak and high usage alerts to residents. Further, smart meters allow the District operator to read the meters remotely or via radio signal, cutting down read times and saving the District on personnel costs.

  4. How do I sign up to receive leak alert texts to my cell phone and email?
    You will need to install the EyeonWater app on your mobile devices to receive mobile alerts. You can register your email on the website.